Meet the Presenters

The team behind VITA Radio have years of on-air experience, they are extremely passionate about what they do and the music they play, we are all looking forward to sharing it with you.

Our presenters are knowledgeable, informative, engaging and entertaining, and they are keen to share life experiences, emotions and a genuine love of music.

We really hope you enjoy our programmes.

You can contact our presenters using the details on the contact page

Roger Kennedy

Early Breakfast | 5am - 7am  

Roger began broadcasting at University on Student Radio, but became a full-time professional presenter back in 1982. He has since worked continuously, being one of the main presenters on 8 different commercial stations.  "I've been off the air for a couple of years running my own radio business, but I'm delighted to be back broadcasting with VITA Radio, as I've really missed it!" says Roger. He also loves fronting Live Events, everything from huge concerts, to talent shows or business events, and currently does a weekly gig at a pop music & karaoke bar, as well as a couple of entertaining Pub Quizzes. Roger enjoys singing and playing guitar, and has brought both his daughters up to be musical. He also plays all kinds of sport, including Tennis & Squash, Windsurfing and Swimming.

Nick Wright

Nick Wright

Breakfast | 7am - 10am

Nick's been working in this amazing Industry for 35 years now although he says it still only seems like yesterday when he started. He reminds himself most days of just how long that is when he plays a song and then mentions the year it was released. He says "Radio is one of those industries that is ever changing, but is always fun and of course should be entertaining". Over the years he's seen many changes including hundreds of new stations, bringing with them more listener choice. Nick's very proud to be working alongside some great broadcasters again now at VITA Radio. He says "VITA Radio will play music from the last 50 years, if it’s a great song chances are you’ll hear it". VITA Radio will play those songs that the audience grew up with, but also songs that have stood the test of time and songs that a younger audience know through TV ads, movie soundtracks and of course their parents!

Ray Rose

Mid Morning | 10am - 12 noon and The Saturday Surgery 10am - 1pm 

Birkenhead-born Ray Rose has been in radio since 1985 and quite understandably has many memories and experiences under his belt from his time in the business. “In terms of laughs, one that comes to mind was at a radio station launch when a giant inflatable ghetto blaster, developed a puncture, broke free, rolled down a road, flattened a lollipop lady and eventually came to a rest on a railway line.” Ray, or Raymondo as he’s known to his mates, has had a colourful and varied career, having previously worked as a telecoms technician, mechanic, tyre fitter, car wash operator and a Hi-Fi developer and manufacturer! In his spare time, Ray still develops and has an interest in loudspeakers and audio in general. He enjoys the local music scene and tries to see as much live music as he can.

Chris Marsden

Lunch | 12 noon - 2pm 

You can tell that Chris Marsden has landed on his feet with Vita Radio, as he has little hesitation in naming the one item he couldn't be without if he was stranded on a desert island - a radio!

Sheffield-born Chris and his unique brand of banter lights up the Vita Radio airwaves every morning across the UK.

However, Chris's sublime professionalism in front of the microphone does not extend to his somewhat 'eccentric' tastes in music. The first record he ever bought is hardly one to shout about, with Keith Harris and Orville's 'I Wish I Could Fly' about as embarrassing as it gets for a first purchase in a record shop. The staff here at VITA Radio have vowed to stop him from ever dusting down his vinyl copy of the dreaded tune and disgracing our airwaves with it.

So great company and quality music are guaranteed as Chris Marsden offers you a music lunch on VITA Radio!

Emma Hignett

VITA Rewind | 2pm - 3pm

Getting married, having a child and living in the middle of nowhere are Emma’s excuses for being off the radio for a few years, not that she hasn’t still been talking for a living.  A prolific voiceover artist, she’s records for clients around the world, but is maybe best known for providing transport announcements to London’s Buses, Riverbus and Overground trains … and (soon to be added) Elizabeth Line … and Go North East’s buses too.  But now it’s back to her first broadcasting love - radio! 

 When she’s not in front of the microphone she tends to be running around after a 9 year old or a dog … a far less glamorous life than when she was a breakfast radio DJ and TV weather girl.  She’s a bit of a foodie, rather likes a good wine, and would do more gardening if only she had the time!

John Caine

Afternoon Drive | 3pm - 6pm and Just Great 60's Sunday 2pm - 4pm

John was born in North Yorkshire and has lived and worked in various parts of the world. He's a qualified electronics engineer, computer programmer and loves nothing more getting his tools out and poking around inside something technical. His love of music is something that probably began when listening to his brothers rock records and has led to a large and very eclectic collection of tunes! In his spare time (what’s that?) John also loves to get down and dirty, that is down underground as he’s a keen potholer and climber, in fact anything slightly dangerous seems like a good idea, he finds that kind of activity helps to burn off the calories as he’s a bit of a foodie too.

Bruce Edwards

Evenings | 6pm - 10pm including Just Great 60's & 70's - Sunday 9am - 1pm

Bruce Edwards first realised in the early 80’s that a Radio Studio was rather more interesting than sitting in a chilly English Literature Lecture on a wet Tuesday afternoon at Sheffield University. Since then, he’s tried to kick the habit several times, only to fail on each occasion with a predictability that has only been matched by England’s penalty taking record in the World Cup. He’s moved around the country on multiple occasions, tried driving a taxi, growing a beard and even a few grey hairs but it didn’t make any difference. He still ends up in a radio studio somewhere, waiting for the red light to go on, to say something about life, the universe and everything before getting back to another great song. When they finally bury him, the grave will probably need a pair of headphones, a microphone and a “Mic Live” light fixture. Just in case.

John Foster

The Late Show | 10pm - 1am Monday to Thursday and Saturday at the Pleasuredome

John's been in the media industry for 30 years, presenting top-rated radio shows and working around the world in all formats - on CHR, Greatest Hits and Speech, Local, Regional and National BBC stations. Alongside this he's hosted big events from 'Party In The Park' in front of 120,000 people, to Sunderland and England football matches at the Stadium of Light for 18 years, to a decade spent as the start-line announcer at the world's biggest half marathon - the Great North Run. John has written for newspapers, fronted award nominated television features and hosted hundreds of corporate events.

Steve Phillips

The Late Show | 10pm - 1am Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Steve has made this “Radio Lark” a very successful career over the years. Starting off as a mobile DJ in his spare time, before moving into full time Night Club work then Radio. Steve has worked for many Radio Stations over the years including BBC Radio Humberside, Viking Radio, Great North Radio, Century, Smooth North East and Magic Network.

Back in the 80’s he even worked for Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge anchored out in the North Sea, but soon found out the hard way he’s not a good sailor.

Musically Steve’s tastes are very varied ranging from The Who, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, reggae, Adel to Frank Sinatra. Really it’s an open book.

Gary Wilkinson

Nightline | 1am - 5am 

Gary always knew he was gonna be different ever since his inability to stay still and be quiet lost him his place as Dead Soldier No.3 in his School Play. He then decided that being on the Radio was his thing after being blasted by his Dads Cassette Albums of Roy Orbison & The Sweet in his Morris Marina. Gary loves his Music and has been heard on Radio Stations in Canada, Ireland & here in the UK. He's also a massive Movie fan and self confessed Coffee addict and proud to be playing "Just Great Songs" on VITA Radio.

Mike Read 

I Write The Songs - Sunday | 1pm - 2pm

Mike Read has won ten National Broadcaster Awards, an International Music Award, and has been awarded the Gold Badge of Merit by the Music Association for his special contribution to Britain’s music industry. A household name in Britain for over 35 years having fronted three top-rated long-running TV series, Top of the Pops, Pop Quiz & Saturday Superstore and three national radio breakfast shows, including Radio One and Classic FM. He features every few weeks on the re-runs of Top of the Pops on BBC Four and has presented two Pop Quiz specials for the BBC in 2016/2017 with a new series in the Spring.
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2016 saw him still presenting front line programmes for the BBC as well as producing and presenting a new TV series, Tin Pan Alley, which ran for 8 weeks on Sky in 2016. During 2015 and 2016 he has been shooting, producing and presenting a six part series Jamaicaphiles, entirely shot in Jamaica, featuring Noel Coward, Oscar Hammerstein, Ian Fleming, Errol Flynn, John F. Kennedy and Johnny Cash. A best-selling author, he has had thirty-six books published, including his autobiography, Seize the Day, which was published in October 2014 and Forever England, a biography of Rupert Brooke, published in January 2015. His new book for 2017 is “1,000 Years of a London Street.” Mike has written eight stage musicals and songs for over forty major artists including Cliff Richard, The Bee Gees, Boy George, Gene Pitney, Don McLean, Brian Wilson, Barry & Robin Gibb, Donovan, David Essex, Steve Harley, Peter Andre, Justin Hayward and many others. Mike has had several chart hits and twice topped the Independent singles chart. He currently has a best-selling CD of his music and Rupert Brooke’s poems featuring the Kings College Choir & the Eton College Chapel Choir. He was Chairman of the Lords and Commons Entertainment Committee for several years, was created a Knight of Malta in 2011 and is Chairman of the British Plaque Trust.

Emporer Rosko 

L.A Connection | Sunday 4pm - 6pm 

EMPEROR ROSKO has been “rulin’ the air waves” for about 50 years.  For the millions of listeners who enjoy ROSKO with his American accent and international ‘flava’ deliver a really great eclectic selection of upbeat music combined with his insights to local, national and international news, he is the DJ of choice to listen to for a real taste of “PERSONALITY RADIO” that ‘can’t be beat’!! ROSKO’s weekly round-ups of past and present HITS, some NEW RELEASES and smatterings of current NEWS with a great selection of upbeat music are broadcast from his studio in Los Angeles and distributed to radio stations and internet outlets in various areas around the globe.

Keith Martin

Steppin Out | Saturday 6pm - 10pm

When you have a passion for something you work so much harder to make it a success, Keith says "I remember picking up a hardback annual in` 1975 it was called ‘So you want to be a DJ’ I started to read it and soon realised it was more detailed to the equipment you use rather than the role itself but I just wanted to play the music to anyone who would listen and realised I’m not going to learn through books it’s a natural process". He says he still has that passion today and is really looking forward to sharing his collection of great songs on VITA Radio. Join Keith with Steppin’ Out on Saturday evenings as he searches through the archives of dance music from Northern Soul, Motown, Disco, Funk, Modern Soul and of course the conversations with the people who gave us the music.

Lee Williams

VITA Radio Country | Sunday 6pm - 8pm 

Fifty Years in British Country Music starting off as a singer in the 60s touring all over the world with his various bands playing alongside many of the major stars including Johnny Cash, Merle Travis, The Glaser Brothers and so many more. Early 70’s saw Lee change to management and agency representing most of the leading names of that time, and touring US Artists on a monthly basis. He also got involved with radio in the mid 70s at Radio 210 Reading, Wiltshire Radio, GWR Radio Swindon, then onto the BBC in Swindon and Oxford, until launching the first CMR Radio in the mid 90's on Sky TV.. He also joined Music Choice on Sky TV programming all their country channels Lee also owns Django Promotions an Artist Development/PR/Promotion company for artists from both the USA, Europe and Australia. Lee was awarded the CMA (Country Music Association) International Broadcaster of the year 2013.

Chris Johnson

Just Great 70's | Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Having previously worked for a high street bank, Chris finally pursued his love of music and has worked on various radio stations for over 10 years. He has a wide taste in music and is looking to bringing you Just Great 70’s every Saturday afternoon.

Nick Piercey

The Classic Album Collection | Sunday 8pm - 10pm

Nick says "It’s difficult to say how many songs I’ve played in my radio career. A rough guess would be around 350,000. Invariably the chart hits of the day or top tunes from the past".

What he's never done is focussed on Classic Albums which he'll do every Sunday evening here on VITA Radio.

From the sometimes weird and psychedelic LP tracks of the 60s to the now classic CDs of the 90s, Nick will play some familiar songs and some fantastic tunes buried on long lost LP sides.

For two hours he'll remind you of what used to be in your album collection.

Glenn Pinder

Sunday Breakfast | 6am - 9am  

Glenn is proud to say that as a Yorkshireman he got to broadcast to his home patch for most of his career, first on Radio Aire, then Magic 828 followed by the Magic Network. Other stations include Stray FM, The Yorkshire Night Network, Radio Caroline ( Netherlands) Radio Seagull, Fresh Radio, Kool FM (Spain) Radio Nova (Moldova) Classic Gold and many more he's forgotten he did. He says "It’s an honour to dust off the headphones and be asked to join some old friends on VITA Radio playing the music both you and I grew up listening to. I love sharing my life experiences with people and I love music". Glenn is looking forward to talking to you soon on VITA Radio.

Chris Storey

Saturday Breakfast | 6am - 10am

Chris started off as your typical ‘Tea Boy’ at the BBC in the 80’s and went on to present for various radio stations including Century Radio and BBC Local Radio.  Born in Middlesbrough and ‘dragged up’ in Redcar, this cheeky northerner is delighted to be part of the team art Vita Radio. 

 When he’s not playing ‘Just Great Songs’ Chris is a proud family man who loves American Sports and relaxing going to comedy gigs and describes naughty food as his nemesis.

 Join Chris with Vita Breakfast each Saturday morning from 6am.

Andy Siddell

Cover | 5am - 7am

Like a lot of wannabe DJs Andy started out doing hospital radio in the early 1980s. After a few radio gigs he joined Radio Aire in Leeds full time in 1988. In 1990 he moved across to Magic 828 where he stayed until 2009. Andy says his love for radio has never died and still likes to return to the airwaves from time to time. He is delighted to be part of the UK's newest radio venture and loves nothing more than playing Just Great Songs.

Andy presents his early breakfast show from his studio in Canada where he now lives.

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